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What is DVB-S2X?

Compared to DVB-S2, efficiency gains up to 51% can be achieved with DVB-S2X

DVB-S2X is an extension of DVB-S2 satellite digital broadcasting standard. DVB-S2X is a digital satellite television broadcast standard. It has been standardised by DVB Project in March 2014 as an optional extension of DVB-S2 standard. It will also become an ETSI standard. The DVB-S2X provides additional technologies and features for the core applications of the DVB-S2. Applications include Direct to Home (DTH), VSAT, and DSNG. It also covers an extended operating range with a focus on providing to emerging markets such as cellular devices and 5G.

Compared to DVB-S2, efficiency gains up to 51% can be achieved with DVB-S2X.

DVB-S2X supports very low C/N down to -10 dB for mobile applications such as marine, aerospace, trains, etc. Like DVB-S2, DVB-S2X uses LDPC Forward Error Correction schemes and BCH FEC as an outer code.

DVB-S2X adds additional features and technologies such as

Technology upgrades and improvements also enable DVB-S2X to use smaller antennas and future broadband interactive networks for VSAT applications (intra-system interference mitigation, beam-hopping, and multi-format transmissions).