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Producing quality hand held satellite finder meters since 2005.

Sathero meters are the preferred meters of professional installers. Small enough to easily carry, powerful enough to make installs quick and easy. Browse our models and choose the right meter to fit your requirements and budget.

On 7/23/2016 our website was completely updated. All software is now freely available, however please remember that you should NOT load this software to meters that are not authentic Sathero Meters.

All software is offered "as is" and without guarantee. Software available on this website is for experienced users only. If you don't have the ability to load this software or if you feel unsure of your abilities, DO NOT use this software. Sathero Meters is in no way responsible for the use or mis-use of the software available on this website.

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FREE Satellite / Transponder List

Once you have a meter you need reliable information to be able to use your meter properly. Over 90% of meter questions and complaints are due to the incorrect settings. Meter settings are a lot like a calculator, wrong entries will give you the wrong answer (no signal). In the past it was hard to find reliable information about digital satellites and transponders.

For the last several years we have been providing a complete worldwide satellite / transponder list which includes all the information you need for our meters as well as most other digital meters on the market. The information can also be used in digital receivers and other devices requiring digital satellite signals.

We do our best to provide a updated list at least once each month. Our list originally was open with no requirements needed for download, however due to extreme abuse and attacks of our service we have been forced to move our list to a cart service with requires account confirmation before it can be downloaded. This service requires minimal information for setting up an account. This is a unfortunate side effect of doing business on the internet.

So, where is it and how do I get it?

It is located on Ivy Stone Place.

The free satellite / transponder list can be downloaded (free of charge) by making an account, confirming our account by the email link sent from the site, placing the free list in your cart and completing your order. Once the order is completed you will find the list download in the 'Downloads' section of your account. Simply click on it to download.

What to do after you have downloaded the list.

The list comes compressed as a 'zip' file which needs to be extracted. The list comes as a 'PDF' file and more recently as a 'epub' file which greatly reduces the size of the list. The list is not for loading to any meter or device but is a reference list that can be saved to your smart phone, tablet, PC, etc. and carried with you for instant reference while on the job.

How do I know when a new list comes out?

List updates are posted on at least three blogs:
DMS International Blog
Sathero Meters Blog
First Strike Meters Blog.

Update notices are also sent out to subscribers by email:
DMS International Blog Notice
Sathero Meters Blog Notice
First Strike Meters Blog Notice
Subscribing will send a email to you as soon as a new blog is posted.

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